Lending a Machete to your Intellectual Thicket...
IT really IS a scary thought..

That thing with “you will either break up with or get married to the person you are in a relationship with.”

It also poses a lot of questions in my mind..

But really, it doesn’t affect me currently cuz I’ve been single for the past ooh 21.5 years so…


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I have OFFICIALLY Applied for a Job in Disneyland. The job I applied for is a Bell Service Job, but they let you pick second and third choice jobs in the application. So Fingers Crossed for a Summer of Disney. If I get the job, I will literally spend every day off In the Park. Premium Pass FTW! haha.

So Here’s Hoping!

Are you, Are You CRYING?! There’s no CRYING in BASEBALL! There’s NO Crying in Baseball!!

Jimmy Dugan

A League of Their Own(1992)

The 7th file in your GIF folder is your reaction to the police telling you “You’re under arrest!”
Why is Secondhand Embarrassment a thing?

And why does it affect me so Much?

My coworker dropped a bottle of soda on THURSDAY. I could tell he was embarrassed.

So that made me feel terrible for him, like I had done it or something.

I had nothing to do with it, and it had nothing to do with me, but I STILL feel bad about it.

I Hate this.


The life of Gordon Ramsay isn’t an easy one

You ever have those moments

Where you say you want SOMEONE meaning anyone to come with you somewhere.
But then people start offering and then the truth comes out in your head and you sit there like
“You’re cool an all, but you’re not the Certain someone I want to come with me…”
Yeah that’s what is happening to me…


Supernatural in Infographics: Seasons 1-8 (click to enlarge)


Love Disney? Click for everything Disney!!
I like

Sending him something I know he’ll think is funny and him replying “hahahahahaha that made me smile haha”
It sounds dumb.
But I like that. Haha

Businesses/Jobs Applied to:

Lake Comanche Reservoir

Lodi Movie Theater

CVS Pharmacy


I think I’ll go out to places and get physical applications on Monday.. 

3 out of 4 of these were filled out online…  But CVS requests that.. so..

I know its dumb

But somehow I thought it would be easier to find a job closer to my house after quitting my other job…

I still have a little over a week to find a new job before i no longer have paychecks coming.. 



Where Every Holiday is an excuse to get Drunk or High..

Ain’t it Grand?



Drake Bell is going to be SO CLOSE to my Home on Thursday!!!

So Sad I think I have work that day. :(

Oh well. I guess I’ll just hold out until someday when i’m a big Film Maker and. Then i’ll know all kinds of celebrities ;)